Circuit  is “driving the world of racing with 01 currency!” Our cryptocurrency is geared towards the supporters of competitive racing. As racing fanatics, we are devoted to the continual expansion of the racing industry!

With the emergence of blockchain technology, Circuit has the opportunity to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and racing industries. With this advancement, Circuit’s mission is to deliver the ultimate experience to all racing audiences.

Circuit is constructed off a state-of-the-art hybrid consistent of: Proof-of-Stake (PoS), Proof-of-Work (PoW), and Masternode (MN) systems. The official abbreviation is “CRCT”. The total supply of CRCT is 3,000,000,000 coins.



Masternode Secured Network

Circuit now features Masternode technology! For 500,000 CRCT, you can create a Masternode that generates passive income.


Easy Masternode Setup

Set up your Masternode with ease! We provide all the guidelines required for setup. Simply “git clone” our Masternode script to your Ubuntu 18.04 server and run installer.


Sliding MN/PoS Reward System

Our specifications reduce Proof-of-Stake and increase Masternode rewards over the lifetime of the project. Early adopters will benefit greatly with significantly less competition within the Masternode rewards.


Multi-Send Rewards Support

Create a multi-send group of addresses within your wallet and share any Proof-of-Stake or Masternode reward with them.


Diversified Management Team

We are fanatics of competitive racing and cryptocurrency! Our team is very knowledgeable with several years of expertise within their scope of responsibility and are located around the world.


Long-Term Development

Our project has connections with high-profile competitive racing sources. Our mission is to deliver the absolute greatest product to the community.

CIRCUIT is an open source cryptocurrency focused on fast private transactions build constructed off a state-of-the-art hybrid consist of: Proof-of-Stake (PoS), Proof-of-Work (PoW), and the prestigious Masternode (MN) system. The CIRCUIT blockchain is constructed off the QUARK algorithm. This algorithm is very similar to x11 as it uses 11 different algorithms, however in a different order. The Proof-of-Stake hashing is made possible through the ShA256d algorithm. Both algorithms, when utilized in conjunction with each other, allow for increased security and stability throughout the CIRCUIT network.

Below are the basic CIRCUIT Coin Specs

Algo Quark
Block Time 60 Seconds
Difficulty Retargeting Every Block
Max Coin Supply (PoW Phase) 298,500 CRCT
Max Coin Supply (PoS Phase) 2,639,701,500 CRCT
Premine 360,000,000 CRCT*

Below is the breakdown of the Proof-of-Stake and Masternode rewards within the corresponding phase. As the blockchain advances, the reward advantage of hosting a Masternode increases significantly.

Phase Block Height Reward Per Block Masternode Staking Budget
1 2,001-264,999 750 CRCT 39% (292.5 CRCT) 60% (450 CRCT) 1% (7.5 CRCT)
2 265,000-527,998 1,000 CRCT 49% (490 CRCT) 50% (500 CRCT) 1% (10 CRCT)
3 527,999-790,997 800 CRCT 54% (432 CRCT) 45% (360 CRCT) 1% (8 CRCT)
4 790,998-1,053,996 600 CRCT 59% (354 CRCT) 40% (240 CRCT) 1% (6 CRCT)
5 1,053,997-1,842,500 500 CRCT 64% (320 CRCT) 35% (175 CRCT) 1% (5 CRCT)
6 1,842,501-2,631,004 250 CRCT 69% (172.5 CRCT) 30% (75 CRCT) 1% (2.5 CRCT)
7 2,631,005-4,208,011 200 CRCT 79% (158 CRCT) 20% (40 CRCT) 1% (2 CRCT)
8 4,208,012-∞ – CRCT -% (- CRCT) -% (- CRCT) -% (- CRCT)

The wallet addresses below are utilizes for daily operations.

Wallet Address Tag Block Explorer
CTo83nbwuMVdnjG8ewmvQxJdmcMPP7cxy4 Circuit merchandising View on Explorer
CUf8KEqJJJfAH5SpbS4pVTbfQorsncw6E3 Community Incentives View on Explorer
CSMRG1y5XYV66NyaVrnJbQHUKgbrRg2TVz Marketing Expenses View on Explorer
CaeHtDKuvvYDH3rvfHs56zASMjhsZwYKak Operations & Expenses View on Explorer
CVEYEag2jjDfNMwSTfVTMz6q5N8vBrUo4k Research & Development View on Explorer
CNomsToQuWjVfZ2Rj1XFAL8PWWVrqoMEBv Capital Reserve View on Explorer

Below is a breakdown of the Premine rewards. This amount was mined on the 1st block of the chain.

Genesis Block
Block Height Reward Amount Notes
1 360,000,000 CRCT Initial pre-mine

Below is a breakdown of the PoW rewards. PoW is Discontinued and not able to be mined.

Block Height Masternodes Miner Budget
101-300 0% (0 CRCT) 100% (1,500 CRCT) N/A

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Circuit Road Map 2020


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Support Department
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