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Garrett Vannoster is a third-generation dirt track racer from the Kansas area. His grandfather was a champion, his father and uncle were champions, and he is next!

When Garrett was beginning his racing career, he bought himself an older model Chevrolet Camaro and convinced his mom to let him go practice racing on the local track. During his practices, he showed a great deal of control and potential. In the following weeks, his parents took him back to the track where he ended up starting last out of 22 cars so he could have some time behind the wheel. Once the race began, he immediately began passing drivers and took 2nd place! Shortly after this occurrence, he began racing every weekend and after a few weeks he took his first A-feature win.

For his 2020 racing season, he ran 9 races and finished in the top 5 every week along with finishing in the top ten points. During his 2021 racing season, he was unstoppable! Garrett truly showcased why he is going to be the next champion in his family. His unmatched talent behind the wheel secured him with winning 3 A-features in a row!

Now at 15 years old, Garrett enjoys playing every sport possible since he was 5 years old. His past baseball season proved to be highly successful has he was on the All-Stars team and won the league championship and All Stars Tournament.

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