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Graphic design officer


My passion for art and competitive racing began at a very young age. Around seven years old, I first discovered NASCAR through the Winston Cup Series. With the immense excitement of the crashes, high speeds, and the sound of the engines, I immediately gravitated towards the world of competitive racing. At the age of 13, we ended up moving to Pennsylvania. I was very fortunate as where we ended up living was around 15 minutes from the Pocono Raceway and was where I spent most of my time after school. Physically being at the track was much different than what I had viewed on television when I was seven years old. Seeing the cars and the track along with smelling the burning fuel first hand had me instantly hooked. I knew that I had a great passion for racing and wanted to do something racing related.

Around the same time that I discovered racing, I was introduced to computer designing. I have been around art as long as I can remember as my mother is a phenomenal artist. Though I could never find the patience to sit down and focus on free-hand sketching, I could easily spend hours designing on the computer. The first program that I used for designing artwork on the computer was through the program “paint”. Even though I couldn’t do much but basic shapes and scribbles, I enjoyed every moment of it.

Though my continued perseverance and desire to learn more, I found the ability to merge my great passions together. It is an understatement to express how excited I am for the future of Circuit Society. As my love for designing and racing has continued to grow for the past 25 years, I see it continued to do so with no end in sight.


2011 - Bachelors of Science (BS) in Electronic Engineering

DeVry University

2007 - Associates in Applied Sciences (AAS) in Automotive Mechanics Technology

NASCAR Technical Institute

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