David Simpson Sr.

3223 Racing


David simpson is a highly accomplished and talented driver with several years of racing experience! His dedication and passion are highlighted by the fact that he has overcome adversity and is the owner of his own racing organization, 3223 Racing!

In 2014, David embarked on his journey of becoming a race car driver. His immediate goal was to construct his first car to compete in the 2015 racing season within the Sport 4 division at Seekonk Speedway in Seekonk, Massachusetts. After posting on social media that he was searching for someone to provide welding, he met Gil Bradstreet. Not only did Gil assist in constructing David’s Sport 4, but he asked for David to join the TTM Motorsports’ racing team!

In 2015, David entered into his rookie year. Striving for advancement in knowledge and performance, he made it a mission to learn something new every week while battling for the “Rookie of the Year” title. By the end of 2015, David was not only awarded “Rookie of the Year”, but he finished third place overall in the Sport 4 division. David’s second season in the Sport 4 division was a great success! He attained 2 feature wins early in the season and was in line for a run at the Sport 4 championship title. At this time, he was in a season-long battle with Mike “Big Time” Belanger and came a close 2 points from surpassing Mike. Unfortunately, his season ended early with 3 races left in the season as he was involved in an accident that eliminated his possibility to continue. David finished his second Sport 4 season with a very impressive 3rd place overall.

The 2017 racing season was a very prestigious season for David as he moved up to the NASCAR Sport Truck division at Seekonk Speedway! Even with a great learning curve ahead of him, he welcomed the challenge and strived for a chance to attain the “Rookie of the Year” title. With incredible commitment and skillful driving, David earned his second “Rookie of the Year” title and finished 6th overall in the Sport Truck division. Additionally, he was awarded by NASCAR for finishing 54th nationally in the NASCAR division 4! The 2019 season went in a completely different direction after David was injured performing his duties as a firefighter in January of 2019. With his ability to compete in question, he asked his good friend Mike Belanger to drive the sport truck. A couple of races into the season, Mike demonstrated incredible ability as a driver and finished in the Top 5 in just his second and third week!

After recovering from his injuries, David is looking forward to competing in the 2020 racing season and getting back behind the wheel of the #32 sport truck with his season goal of attaining a championship.


  • 1. Chevy S-10 chassis

  • 2. Chevy 305 ~350 horsepower

  • 3. Coil spring front suspension

  • 4. fueled with 110 octane fuel

  • 5. Haltin custom fiberglass body

  • 6. Leaf spring rear suspension

  • 7. 4-speed transmission


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