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Since the creation and emergence of blockchain technology, the world has witnessed exponential grow of cryptocurrency. Along with this surging adoption, the racing industry continues to thrive. Competitive racing has expanding across 150 countries and host over 100,000 racing events each year!

There are multiple markets that have been catered to over the decade that blockchain technology has been established however, competitive racing is an untapped market. There is endless potential and value in combining these two prominent industries. As cryptocurrency and racing fanatics, we made it our mission and priority to become the necessary bridge and ensure continued expansion.

The Circuit Society team is comprised of highly proficient individuals. Each team member has several years of expertise within their respective scope of responsibility. With this knowledge, we gain insight of expertly accomplishing the full operation of Circuit Society in a professional and punctual manner. Our combined talent demonstrates greatness and guarantees the achievement of “driving the world of racing with 01 currency!”

Community Goals, Progress, and Road Map

Circuit Coin Creation
Create Social Platforms
Create White Paper
Create Block Explorer
Create Community Sites
Create 10 Partnerships
Partner with 10 Merchants
List on 2 Monitoring Sites
List on 2 Masternode Hosting and 2 Staking Pools


  • Active project with several high-profile connections within the competitive racing industry
  • Built in masternode and staking reward distribution via the multi-send function
  • Competitive racing continues to be a leading world-wide entertainment source
  • Constructed off the latest PIVX release
  • Maintain and operate wallet with ease
  • Knowledgeable and professional team
  • Masternodes assist in ensuring a secure network
  • Wallet released for several platforms


  • Circuit offers a great way to invest in racing.SpectreSecurityCoin
  • “Very excited to run analytics on this cryptocurrency. Great potential for an innovative project within the crypto space.”LoneWolfDayTrading


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