Creation of the Competitive Racing Cryptocurrency


Circuit founders, DigiWarfare and Lone Wolf, hosted a livestream Saturday on the official Circuit YouTube channel! It is an hour long and goes into great depth of the competitive racing cryptocurrency.

“Circuit is an innovative competitive racing cryptocurrency. We are very excited for what the future holds as we are ‚Äúdriving the world of racing with 01 currency!” – Description of the Circuit live stream

Livestream Breakdown

The founding members begin with thanking the entire staff of the project, along with the partners and sponsors. The first topic of discussion was the website and the various aspects, such as the: bitcoin-talk ann thread, coins statistics, and road map.

“Circuit is a competitive racing cryptocurrency…an innovator within the crypto realm. We know the expectation is high, we are reminded daily. We are working constantly to maintaining a polished product for the community. The way I, along with this team, operate, failure [...]

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